Saturday 18 August 2012

Garden creations and rainy day makes

With a little bit of sunshine and some old cotton tees you can create magic!

Love heart design drying in the garden - post wash

Newly painted peace symbol

Fresh from the machine and hanging on the line
I love designing my own clothes. These t-shirts are easy to make and you can make up your own designs as you go along. With a little creativity you can create vintage inspired clothing from old bits of clothing hanging around the house.

Alas, the sunshine does not last long up North and therefore my creative journey made it's way back indoors...........add some yarn and let your imagination go wild.

Thoughts of keeping warm and cosy were in mind when I created these....and a little bit of Minnie the minx.

Dennis the Menace inspired wrist warmers

Turquoise fingerless gloves

Stayed tuned for my necklace that was transformed into a belt................

KnittyNora xxx


  1. I really like the Love heart design, I bet that would look lovely on a cushion too.


    1. Thanks Sue!

      I've worn this little number a few times and have always received compliments. It's amazing what you can do with an old t-shirt :)

      The cushion sounds like a great idea. I've been meaning to design some more prints so will have to look into this.

      KnittyNora xx