Friday, 25 April 2014

A blog milestone and a new knitting project.

A bit of a milestone....

As I logged into my blogger page I realised that I'm almost at 5000 blog views.....yes, 5000! I'm so pleased that people are reading my little blog and I hope you're enjoying it. I often wonder who reads my blog? I'd love to hear from you and get some feedback. What do you like most about my blog? Is there anything else you would encourage me to add?

Come on, don't be shy :)

What I've been up to....

Over the last few weeks I've continued to wait for my next hospital appointment to come through and have been trying to find ways of distracting myself from ill health and treatment (or lack thereof). I'm really lucky to have some fab people around me who are constantly introducing me to new things and trying to keep my spirits up. I've been introduced to some interesting alternative therapies and have even tried a few of them out. One of my most favourite ways to relax though is by listening to music and, if I have the energy, with a bit of knitting.

My latest knitting project is one especially for me. I love to knit for others but thought I would treat myself to something new for the summer. I was lucky enough to be sent some complimentary knitting goodies from the awesome people over at Kollabora. With the grey cotton yarn and 5mm circular needles I had everything I needed to make this gorgeous vest - perfect for warm, sunny days or even layered over a t-shirt/long sleeved top when it gets a bit chilly.

Here's a sneak peek of where I'm up to...........

Not the best picture but gives you an idea of where I'm at so far :)

This evening, I shall mostly be spending some quality time with my knitting whilst my husband enjoys an evening out with his work colleagues.

I'm off to pop the kettle on, put my feet up and watch exactly what I want on the TV.......bliss!

Happy weekend everyone,

KnittyNora xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Making, baking and taking it easy

As I sit writing this post the rain is pouring outside. This is a day for hibernating at home with some crafty bits and bobs and tasty treats to accompany many cups of tea.

Baking some tasty treats

As many of you know, I've been a rather poorly chick over the past year and a bit. Whilst I wait for my next lots of tests at the hospital I'm keeping myself sane with my love of craft and, when I can, baking. Today, given that I had a large pot of natural yoghurt to use, I decided to make some gluten free scones - here's the recipe. I do love a good scone. Finding gluten free ones is impossible and I much prefer homemade than shop bought :)

I've also got a bowl of pears to use up soon. I'm sure my husband will be voting for a crumble when I come to use those :)


I managed to find myself some new little crafty bits and bobs online during the week, including some iron on webbing and some double sided tape. May sound random but I have some ideas in my little head that require both. You'll have to wait and see what I use them for......... :)

I can reveal, however, one of my new projects - reusing old plastic bags to create new and usable items. I hate waste so why should plastic bags be any different? After finding inspiration in one of my knitting books I've decided to go crazy and just knit until I decide what I want to make. The original pattern is for a bag but I'm wondering whether I can make something a little more adventurous.

Here's what I've got so far .....................

..........and time to relax

After all the excitement of baking and blogging, I'm ready for a little rest. Time to settle down and catch up on some of the programmes I've missed recently. I discovered Inspector De Luca (BBC4) at the weekend and have to say I'm quite intrigued and MUST watch more to really decide whether I like it or not ;)

Happy crafting, people :)

KnittyNora xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hello Spring!

I'm very glad to say that the sun has actually been shining in my garden......yes, it occasionally makes an appearance up North :)  This has given me the perfect excuse to get out into the sunshine and to be inspired by the colours and scenic changes that happen as Spring arrives.

Not strictly 'my garden' but a view I am very lucky to enjoy :)

I really do love seeing the first Spring lambs and all the energy and life they have. It never fails to put a smile on my face. I'm very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

What have I been up to?

On the making front, I've been continuing with some baby makes for my sister's little one (due at the end of June). I know my sister loves vintage style clothing and is specifically researching 'old fashioned' baby names - Millicent, Ada, .....the list goes on :) I'm sure she'd be grateful if any of you fancied posting some names suggestions below. I've sent her a few. The chosen name will only be revealed on the day the baby is born.

Here's a little picture of the vintage inspired cardigan I'm making for the little one.

Almost finished!

Making mission

I made a plan this year to make all the gifts I give to my nieces and nephews and thought - why not extend this to everyone I give gifts to? With that in mind, I've been busy researching patterns and gift ideas for friends and family. It's a very special friend's birthday soon and I'm hoping I can make something equally as special for her....... she'll also be able to read this pressure! :)

I'd love to hear what you lovely people have been up and to and if you have any projects in mind. It's so much easier to think about making and creating when the weather brightens up.

Until next blog, take care :)

Best wishes,

KnittyNora xx

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