Monday, 25 June 2012

New creations

As promised, here is a picture of my mittens in progress....well, I've finished one already :)

I've also created a little cape for my graduation bear.......

Very much enjoying making special gifts for friends and family. Now wondering what I can create for my husband's birthday. Did start making these fingerless gloves but decided they'd look a lot better on me :)

Back to the drawing board!

What have you been making? Please pop by and share your creative stories :)

KnittyNora xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Say hello to my new addition.

Please say hello to .........

Graduation Elephant!

I made this for a special commission and have decided to add this beauty to my range of available items. I'm very proud of him and I'm sure my friend will love him too.

In other news......

check out this mug I got as a freebie from Vistaprint! Making my morning brew just that little more cheerful :)

And in a rainy North of England.......

I'm busy knitting myself some cute mittens from a free pattern I found online (I love free stuff!). I can't wait to wear them and show them off. Nothing like homemade clothing to make you feel good.

Here they are in the early stages........

Watch this space!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

KnittyNora xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday night in KnittyNora's house

Wow, it's already Friday! Where did that week go?!

After a very busy and tiring week I'm happy to be spending Friday night in my pyjamas, watching the footie and drinking a nice cup of tea (yes, I'm getting old.....)

Husband is sat next to me cheering on England and I'm enjoying catching up with some 'admin' (basically catching up with the lovely people on UK Handmade and writing this blog - thanks for reading!).

Looks like it could be a quiet weekend with some marking and report writing for me. And let's not forget some lovely crafting  :) But what to make....? Some cosy hats and gloves for this oh so chilly spell? A super cute ruffle skirt for this crafty old lady? Or some new jewellery designs for my Etsy store?

Let me know what you think..... I'd love to know what you lovely people are up to this weekend so please pop by and say 'hello!'.

Sending you happy weekend wishes,

KnittyNora xxx

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoons

Feeling sleepy and oh so tired. Time to head for the sofa and relax with a glass of wine. 

Husband is out and I'm home alone. Homemade onion rings for my tea and some tasty garlic potatoes (random....but tasty!). Whilst I'm in charge of the remote control I'm making the most of watching all the programmes my husband doesn't like like One born every minute and slushy movies.....just what this girl needs!

Back to work tomorrow..... 

What have you been up to this Sunday? 

Lots of love,

KnittyNora xxxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Making the most of a beautiful weekend

Wowee.... what a weekend! I have been utterly spoiled by beautiful weather and trips out on the fells with my husband. A long weekend is the perfect excuse to make the most of time off work together and to make the most of the beautiful countryside that I find myself surrounded by.

I have to admit that not much crafting has happened this weekend because my hands have been busy climbing rock faces. After a guided walk on Saturday and some indoor climbing on Sunday, we decided to go on a scrambling adventure on Great Gable yesterday. If anyone reading this knows much about scrambling you'll know that it's a fair mission just to get the actual scrambles. We set ourselves the mission of scrambling Threading the Needle, the Sphinx Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge and up onto the summit of Great Gable. We did it....and what fun we had in the process! :) I have discovered a renewed passion for climbing recently and have been pushing myself to do more outdoor climbs. Yesterday's grade 2 (and at times, grade 3) scrambles were both fun and exhilarating. Although I wouldn't recommend it if you're scared of heights :)

Here are some pics, just for you.....

The prize....

The view back to Threading the Needle from the Dress Circle

Making my way to meet the Sphinx and Sphinx Ridge
Today is a rest day ...of sorts. An early lunch of Venison sausages purchased from a local Farmer's market followed by a trip to the book shop for some climbing books. And later, meeting friends on the lake for some windsurfing. May have to take along my crotchet needle and some wool and see what I can dream up.
Here is a picture of my oh so random brooch design....must find a pin so that I can wear it!

Not the best picture.... aiming for abstract rose design :) 

Hope you've all had a lovely long weekend. Please pop by and say 'Hello!'.

KnittyNora xxxxxxxxx