Tuesday 5 June 2012

Making the most of a beautiful weekend

Wowee.... what a weekend! I have been utterly spoiled by beautiful weather and trips out on the fells with my husband. A long weekend is the perfect excuse to make the most of time off work together and to make the most of the beautiful countryside that I find myself surrounded by.

I have to admit that not much crafting has happened this weekend because my hands have been busy climbing rock faces. After a guided walk on Saturday and some indoor climbing on Sunday, we decided to go on a scrambling adventure on Great Gable yesterday. If anyone reading this knows much about scrambling you'll know that it's a fair mission just to get the actual scrambles. We set ourselves the mission of scrambling Threading the Needle, the Sphinx Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge and up onto the summit of Great Gable. We did it....and what fun we had in the process! :) I have discovered a renewed passion for climbing recently and have been pushing myself to do more outdoor climbs. Yesterday's grade 2 (and at times, grade 3) scrambles were both fun and exhilarating. Although I wouldn't recommend it if you're scared of heights :)

Here are some pics, just for you.....

The prize....

The view back to Threading the Needle from the Dress Circle

Making my way to meet the Sphinx and Sphinx Ridge
Today is a rest day ...of sorts. An early lunch of Venison sausages purchased from a local Farmer's market followed by a trip to the book shop for some climbing books. And later, meeting friends on the lake for some windsurfing. May have to take along my crotchet needle and some wool and see what I can dream up.
Here is a picture of my oh so random brooch design....must find a pin so that I can wear it!

Not the best picture.... aiming for abstract rose design :) 

Hope you've all had a lovely long weekend. Please pop by and say 'Hello!'.

KnittyNora xxxxxxxxx

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