Monday 25 June 2012

New creations

As promised, here is a picture of my mittens in progress....well, I've finished one already :)

I've also created a little cape for my graduation bear.......

Very much enjoying making special gifts for friends and family. Now wondering what I can create for my husband's birthday. Did start making these fingerless gloves but decided they'd look a lot better on me :)

Back to the drawing board!

What have you been making? Please pop by and share your creative stories :)

KnittyNora xxx


  1. these are great - everytime I see a pair of fingerless gloves reminds me that I really need to make myself some - one day!!!!
    PS I am visiting having read about it on Uk handmade

  2. Hi Angela,

    thanks for popping by! :)

    The fingerless gloves above were made from a pattern I created myself (really must start uploading these!) They are so handy and very comfy.

    KnittyNora xx

  3. Lots of knitty greats. What about a scarf for your DH in his favourite colours.

  4. Thanks Caroline. I thought about a scarf but he doesn't really wear them. He did fancy a cable knit jumper so may have to go with that.... a nice little project for me to get stuck into. With the weather we've been having recently he may just need it :)

    KnittyNora xx

  5. I am very envious, your knitting looks fantastic. Although my Mum and Dad both knit I am basically rubbish at it so love to see talented crafty folk's makes (multi-talented in your case, love your baking pics too!)