Baking mad

As well as being craft crazy I can accurately be described as baking mad! :)

I specialise in gluten and wheat free treats, which are all made in my kitchen with the red cupboards.
After years of struggling with 'normal' food, I discovered that I am a coeliac. This opened up a whole new world of baking experiences as I've been able to experiment with new ingredients and try out my creations on my wheat eating friends who, by the way, often can't believe that my food doesn't contain any wheat or gluten  - a victory for this coeliac cook!

Occasionally you may find some posts specifically about my baking adventures. If I haven't posted the recipe and you would like a copy, please message me and I will be happy to share it with you. Equally, if you have a recipe to share please feel free to send me a copy :)

Gluten and wheat free ginger bread

My take on a carrot soup - with chilli!

Fruit scones

Banana and chocolate chip muffins

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