Monday 7 April 2014

Making, baking and taking it easy

As I sit writing this post the rain is pouring outside. This is a day for hibernating at home with some crafty bits and bobs and tasty treats to accompany many cups of tea.

Baking some tasty treats

As many of you know, I've been a rather poorly chick over the past year and a bit. Whilst I wait for my next lots of tests at the hospital I'm keeping myself sane with my love of craft and, when I can, baking. Today, given that I had a large pot of natural yoghurt to use, I decided to make some gluten free scones - here's the recipe. I do love a good scone. Finding gluten free ones is impossible and I much prefer homemade than shop bought :)

I've also got a bowl of pears to use up soon. I'm sure my husband will be voting for a crumble when I come to use those :)


I managed to find myself some new little crafty bits and bobs online during the week, including some iron on webbing and some double sided tape. May sound random but I have some ideas in my little head that require both. You'll have to wait and see what I use them for......... :)

I can reveal, however, one of my new projects - reusing old plastic bags to create new and usable items. I hate waste so why should plastic bags be any different? After finding inspiration in one of my knitting books I've decided to go crazy and just knit until I decide what I want to make. The original pattern is for a bag but I'm wondering whether I can make something a little more adventurous.

Here's what I've got so far .....................

..........and time to relax

After all the excitement of baking and blogging, I'm ready for a little rest. Time to settle down and catch up on some of the programmes I've missed recently. I discovered Inspector De Luca (BBC4) at the weekend and have to say I'm quite intrigued and MUST watch more to really decide whether I like it or not ;)

Happy crafting, people :)

KnittyNora xx

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