Sunday 9 June 2013

Sunny Sunday - crafting in the great outdoors.

Let me set the scene for you.............

The sun is shining, the husband is out walking up mountains and I'm home alone with my crafting goodies.

Sounds good....?! :)

As some of you will be aware, I have been rather poorly recently and so my ability to go out chasing my husband up mountains is zero. Rather than dwell on my lack of energy for the outdoor activities I love so much I've decided to make the most of today and my brighter mood by doing the following:

  1. Writing an update to my much neglected blog
  2. Get back to some knitting and finish a top I started a while back
  3. Sit in the garden with a glass of cloudy lemonade
  4. Eat dinner in the garden

Well......why not combine the lot?! 

Great plan, KnittyNora! :)

And so, I'm off to sit in my garden, finish that knitted top and drink cloudy lemonade. When the husband gets back I'm sure he could rustle up something on the BBQ....... sounds like a great day!

Speaking of my garden......... is a little pic of my 'developing' wild flower patch in the corner of my garden - my little contribution to encourage wildlife to come and visit my garden.

We've since added some wild and fragrant flower seeds to the patch and just waiting for them to grow

....and some pics of my brand new veggie grow bags :)

New veggie grow bags
Tomatoes just starting to pop their heads out


I'll be heading south later in the week for another investigative operation.....wish me luck! 

Wishing you all the very sunniest of Sundays,

KnittyNora xxxx

 Some happy stuff:

I recently entered and came first in a competition run  by the lovely folks at 33Hearts (

Here is just one of the lovely items I won

Please pop over and say hi to them. They are very friendly and make some very cute items :)

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