Wednesday 10 July 2013

As time goes by..........

And so......another month has gone by since my last post. Unfortunately this is because of poor health rather my being too busy to post :(

Another trip to the specialist resulted with me spending another week in hospital...... I think I may need to start another blog for just my hospital visits! :) Thankfully, it seems that they may be closer to solving my health issues since the new team I've seen seem to know what's wrong......somewhat of a relief!

With feeling poorly much of the time I haven't had much energy for making. I have, however, done my very best to fit in some making when I can. This has mainly taken the shape of some baby bits and bobs for my friends who have recently had their first child. He is so sweet. I really love making things for other people.

Here is a little snap of one of the items:

Super cute little baby hat

With the weather changing here and there I've been making the most of sunny days by sitting in the garden and getting some help from my husband to plant some seeds and new plants. He is great at carrying pots and compost and I have the patience to sit and watch the plants grow....perfect combo :)
(I posted some pics of my plants in my last post....)

Unfortunately, some very naughty slugs and snails have decided that my little plants are so tasty they have decided to eat most of them :(

Anyone got any tips for keeping my veggies safe??!!

Speaking of projects....

Here's what I did with an old pair of cord trousers that were too big......

Cutting off the legs.........

Opening and restitching the seams around the bottom area

As you can see, I've chopped them up and made a low waisted skirt. Perfect for any season and great with a chunky belt. Just need to finish the hem :)

Not much to do now......

and I go to pin the hem of my new skirt.....

hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :)

KnittyNora xx

P.s. The hat was made using a pattern from Debbie Bliss's 'The knitter's year'. The pattern is called 'Striped baby hat'.

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