Sunday, 22 May 2016

Spring cleaning my craft room

Oh, I do love a good spring clean.

Making the most of some help from my husband, I've been reorganising of my little house. After some much needed storage was added to our livingroom, we began making our way through the clutter in our spare room (also known as my craft room). We moved into our house 5 years ago and, during this time, a lot has happened. What remains are boxes full of teaching resources, books we no longer read and a collection of random odds and ends that we have no use for. Cue a major declutter of shelves and cupboards, a trip to the tip and a rather generous donation to our local charity shops.

Whilst I had to leave the heavy lifting to P, I was able to dust and clean the shelves before putting back a much reduced and reorganised book collection. I'm finally able to put my boxes full of yarn on the shelves and love how clear and organised everything is.

We still have a few bits to organise and spare furniture to dismantle before putting in the loft, but it feels like we're on our way to having the room finished.....finally!

My ever growing collection of Mollie Makes magazine
(in numerical order... obviously ! 😃)

Just a couple of crochet books so far

A few of my knitting books.....yet to be put into some kind of order 😃

I'm currently trying to make up my mind about a very important purchase......a new sewing machine! I've narrowed it down to the Singer Confidence range (after seeing some good reviews and because I'm going to use my Tesco vouchers to purchase it). I was originally looking at the 7465 but since this is currently out of stock, I've been looking at the 7470. It comes with some great features but I'm still not sure which to get. Do I wait for the more basic version or go for the upgrade which should then last me a very long time as I develop my sewing repertoire....?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Have any of you ever used or owned either of the Singer Confidence models? Any tips?

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and hoping that, wherever you may be, you get to enjoy a little sunshine.

Best wishes

KnittyNora xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Adventures of the crafty kind.

Hello, it's me again! 

So, by now you'll probably be used to the fact that my posts have become rather...... well, sporadic. Due, in most part, to my complete lack of energy. This can be very frustrating at times. Most recently, I've been thinking about my blog and the content that I post. For a long time I have be wary of posting too much about my health issues because I'm not someone who likes to share for sharing's sake. I'm also not very good with sympathy... :/

Some months ago I met and made friends with the loveliest lady. She has become something of an inspiration to me and is always so encouraging of my crafty plans and projects. We regularly meet for a natter, a chai tea and to share pattern ideas and inspirations. I always leave feeling uplifted and full of confidence that the things I make are 'good enough' and well made. More about this in future posts...

For the past couple of months I have had to rest and take extra special care of myself. During this time I have been making and creating when I can. My crochet skills have continued to develop and I am really pleased with my new found skills. I have become something of a convert to crocheting. I still love a bit of knitting but have to admit that crocheting is a lot quicker and easier to transport around (very important when you're travelling to and from hospital appointments).

Below are some pictures of my most recent makes. As you will see, most are crochet projects and home furnishings.

Mossa stitch cushion cover against our new charcoal sofa

Mossa stitch in the great outdoors

My very own granny square cushion design
(This will sit alongside the Mossa cushion on the sofa)

An extra special gift for a very special lady

Here, at KnittyNora HQ, we are in the middle of some redecorating/re-imagining of our home. We have lived in our little house for 5 1/2 years now and the signs of wear and tear are becoming very obvious. Cue lots of online research for design ideas and the purchase of a few litres of paint. Thankfully, my husband has been on hand to help out and has been busy putting together shelving units (got to love IKEA!) and has made a start on the painting. It gets very frustrating that I'm unable to help with much of this work but for now I am focusing on the positives and keeping my hands busy with some crochet accessories to finish off the final look.

I shall sign off with a photo of my beautiful pooch, Buster (seen here showing off a crochet bandana I made for him). This gorgeous boy never fails to put a smile on my face 😘

Until next time, much love and best wishes,

KnittyNora xx