Monday 28 May 2012

Crotchet = new hobby!

I have another new hobby - crotcheting. Since first picking up a pair of knitting needles two years ago I have some how managed to avoid learning to crotchet. Well, that was up until recently when a pattern I was following advised a crotchet edging on a neckline. I'd never even tried to crotchet before and didn't even have a crotchet needle(!). Thanks to my favourite Oxfam shop the latter issue was resolved. I now had no excuse....well, apart from not knowing how to crotchet. Thanks to my lovely, crafty friend Emma (of Emma and Emmie fame - and some very helpful tips from my Stitch and Bitch book, I finally started crotcheting this weekend. I've had lots of fun making it up as I go along and now have lots more ideas for my jewellery range.

I'll upload some pics later of the brooch design I've created.....very usual - just the way I like it! :)

Enjoy the sunshine - don't forget your suncream!

KnittyNora xxxxxx

P.s. I've also been busy scrambling up mountains this weekend. Stay tuned for more details.....

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