Wednesday 23 May 2012

I LOVE the sunshine!

Well, if you hadn't guessed....I'm a little excited that the sun is shining. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

After finishing work yesterday I headed over to a local climbing spot. We were the only people there (apart from one man doing some bouldering for an hour or so). It was fantastic. Me, the husband and lots of lovely routes to climb. We were able to watch the sunset over the Isle of Man (it was that clear!) as we finished our last climb - bliss!

When the sun is shining it makes you feel that little lighter and just a little more hopeful. Now that the warm weather has arrived my knitting is focused on jewellery....and lots of it! After many positive comments about my knitted rings and torque necklace, I feel inspired to create some more of my own patterns and continue to develop my range of quirky jewellery and accessories.  Watch this space!

Now...I've seen another blog that lists the songs stuck in their head or on their hi-fi (ipod, cd player, vinyl...etc, etc). I think it's a fab idea. So, here is mine:

Hollow talk by Choir of young believers. Beautiful song. I discovered this thanks to the Scandinavian series 'Bron | Broen' (or 'The Bridge').


Have a lovely day!

KnittyNora xxxx

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