Monday 21 May 2012

Making the most of the sunshine

The sun is shining! Well, it is where I live :)

I always like to make the most of the good weather when I can, especially when I work inside all day. This weekend was no exception. After being busy all day Saturday with music making and attending a village celebration, I wanted to make the most of my Sunday. I was feeling rather tired yesterday but a phonecall from a friend helped me and the husband decide what to do - go climbing!

We packed up our climbing kit and lunch and were taken to a really beautiful climbing spot that we'd not discovered yet (I love it when that happens). The area was perfect for relaxing with a picnic and had a great range of climbing routes for me to try out. Shortly after arriving I soon forgot about being tired and grumpy and had a really good climb (if I do say so myself) :) Days like yesterday make me realise how lucky I am to live where I live, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, mountains and an array of wildlife.

I hope you've all been doing something equally enjoyable. I'm looking forward to finishing work and going outside in the sun. I'm thinking cold coffee in the garden as an after work treat :) (yes, I'm really spoiling myself!)

Please let me know how you'll be making the most of the nice weather.

Much love and craftiness,

KnittyNora xxxxxx

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  1. what a happy Sunday!I've been crocheting in the garden today with a cat on my knee and chickens pecking my feet! and working too of the new looks delicious! Emmax