Tuesday 1 May 2012

Count down to the Ullock Scarecrow festival

And so it begins........

It's less than two weeks until the Ullock Scarecrow fetsival and I'm busy planning and making. This will be my first craft fair and therefore I am both nervous and very excited. So many things to think about - What do I want to include? Label designs? Will people like my crafty creations?!

Deep breath.......

Here's the plan so far:

As well as the many baby items I've made over the weeks and months I shall be showing off my knitted jewellery and accessories - using patterns I have made myself and those I have discovered thanks to my lovely fellow crafters.

I'll also be taking along some of my special baked goods. Special because they are all gluten and wheat free. I've been experimenting with flavours and ingredients in order to create some super tasty treats. At the moment one of my favourites is banana and chocolate chip muffins - Yum! (pics to follow soon).

Looking forward to meeting up with other local crafty folk and to showing off my collection of crafty items.

Hope to see some of you there! :)

KnittyNora xxxx

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