Saturday 25 February 2012

Today I am mostly......

So, here's what I'm up to today.....

  • Rehearsing for a gig I'm playing tonight
  • Trying to finish the baby hoodie I'm currently knitting
  • Designing a birthday gift for my friend's husband
  • Making homemade soup (I like to do that....a lot!)
  • Trying to catch up with my heavily pregnant sister (birthing plans, cravings, etc)
For those of you that don't know, I'm in a band with my husband. We are both HUGE music fans and love playing music. We also write our own songs - a creative pair, you could say! :) I sing and play drums (Velvet Underground style) and my husband (who shall be known as 'P') plays guitar and does a bit of singing too.P and I are massively influenced by bands like The Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star and Low, as well as artists like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley (I'll try and add some videos/recordings soon so that you can have a listen). Our music can roughly be described as folk meets rock with a bluesy/dark edge. 

It's been a fairly busy but productive day so far :) All I need now is a nice cuppa and a few hours rest before I need to get changed and head to the venue for tonight's gig (I'm just so rock'n'roll! :) ). I'll let you know how the gig goes tomorrow :)  

Best wishes,
Knittynora xx

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