Wednesday 18 July 2012

Hello, Summer......are you there?!

As I sit surrounded by fog and rain I wonder when the sun might come out to play.

My summer holidays begin tomorrow. I'm totally shattered and very much looking forward to spending lots of time creating and making beautiful things and most importantly, getting some well deserved me time.

This summer brings with it lots of exciting events....a friend's wedding (for which I'm Chief Bridesmaid), a visit from close friends, a wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations. So much to look forward to. I really hope I manage to fit it all in.....

There is also an exciting project/development on the horizon. A friend of mine is creating their very own studio to display and sell their beautiful photographs. I'm sure you will all love his work (keep your eyes open for an exclusive peek inside the studio!). He has kindly offered some space to both little old me and my husband (the outdoor explorer). I'm very excited about this! I can't wait to go and take a look and to get painting and displaying our creations.

(I'll post some photos a bit later of my latest creations.....necklaces, bangles and all kinds of colourful and fan fanciful things.)

Lots of love and crafty hugs,

KnittyNora xxxx

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