Monday 17 September 2012

Hello from me!

Well hello there, my lovely followers!

I was a bit busy this weekend. Busy scrambling up mountains, baking and knitting lovely warm goodies for the cold nights ahead. I've been back at work now for two weeks and have been trying to keep my work/life balance in check. Being very disciplined is important if I want to ensure I get all of my work finished at school and have some time to myself when I get home. So far, so good! :)

I'm currently working on completing my first pair of knitted mittens. Here's one I made earlier.....

I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine (and to finish my matching mitten) :)

KnittyNora xx

P.s. Geeky gluten-free food alert!

I found some delicious duck sausages in my local Tesco today.... Gressingham duck, honey and apple. They are gluten free and currently on offer at £2 for 6 sausages. Bargain! Especially when they taste so good (just had them for my tea). xx


  1. Gorgeous mittens and well done on the find of the sausages! I eat only gluten free too. :) Have a great week and lovely blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ana. Glad to meet a fellow non-gluten person :)

    Hope you stop by again xx