Monday 18 February 2013

Hello and goodbye to Scotland, lovely new purchases and back to the real world........

Well, half-term has been and gone. In a flash my week in Scotland was over.....but what a fantastic time we had!

I absolutely adore Scotland. The beauty, isolation and peacefulness of the west coast is like something from Lord of the Rings (minus the nasty monsters). I love wrapping up in my winter kit and heading out into the mountains. During this trip I managed to find some time to walk alone. I love walking with my other half but this was quite a rare and welcome change. Walking alone down into the valley (that I'd earlier walked/climbed up with my husband and a friend) was something quite special. In the silence I could clearly hear the running water of the half melted falls and the sound of the ice and snow cracking and crunching underfoot. It was one of those moments when you just have to stop and and take in the beauty around you. In that moment I felt very lucky to be able to enjoy such an experience.

Below are some pics to give you a taste of what I got up to.......

Beautiful day for a walk in Scotland

Scrambling up some very icy rocks

Reaching the plateau - taking in the view of the climb ahead

and what better way of testing my makes............????
Checking out the lower falls of Falls of Steall in multi-colour, multi-purpose snood

Of course, we had to have at least one rest day :) Off to Oban we went...........and I found not one but TWO lovely wool stores to mooch around. Purchases were made...... some new 10mm knitting needles, a beautiful hat for me (it even has bells!) and some knitted wrist warmers for an impatient husband :)

Back to work today for me......which means less time on the fells. Thankfully the nights are getting lighter which allows some cheeky trips out after school to make the most of the lovely weather we appear to be having here this week.

Love to hear from some of you soon....... 

KnittyNora xx

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