Wednesday 20 July 2016

Recent makes and sewing plans for July


So, as you all know by now, my blog posts can be a little sporadic. I'm not a fan of posting for the sake of it and prefer to wait until I have something to show you or have a specific topic I'd like to blog about. Today's post, as the title suggests, is all about what I've been making recently and my ever growing list of sewing plans.... becasue I'm kind, I've wittled this list down to just a couple of items :)

Here's what I've been making.........

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take nicer photos before I posted this little critter to my niece, Nancy, but here is a little picture of the amigurumi I made a couple of weeks ago.


Believe me, he looks a lot better up close. My sister has sent a few messages telling me how many compliments this little fella has received and has been asked if I sell my handmade items. The answer to the question, for now at least, is no. It feels great to know that so many people have been impressed by my handmade gift. They genuinely thought it had been bought from a shop.... high praise indeed, I guess...? :)

Next up.......

My hand knit tunic. This was a pattern I made up myself. Well, I adapted it from a very basic pattern that was posted on Kollabora. The original pattern was for the same style top except that it had been knit in two pieces that were later sewn together. I'm not a big fan of sewing all! And why do it when you can just knit in the round..?!

This knit was pretty straight forward and would make a great first project for those venturing into the world of knitting in the round. I shall be typing up the pattern details and posting them here soon, for those of you that fancy having a go. In the meantime, here is my finished tunic.......

Boatneck neckline works really nicely on this simple tunic

Finishing the contrast panel with a crocheted edge to help stop the fabric rolling. Simple finishing touches can make all the difference to the overall look. 


I finally got round to finishing off the Mossa stitch cushion cover I'd be working on. Buttons have been sewn on and the cushion is now on the sofa with my other crocheted creations. I do love a crocheted cushion cover! :)

Sewing, sewing and..... a bit more sewing!

So, as you might probably have guessed, I've been doing a bit of sewing recently :)

My grand plans have been a bit hampered by my migraine episodes but, being the stubborn woman that I am, I haven't let this stop me planning for the days when I feel up to a bit of making. I've spent many an hour scouring the internet for patterns and design inspiration and have purchased some beautiful books. My most prized purchase has to be the Tomoko Nakamichi pattern books I gifted myself - Pattern Magic and Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics.


I can't remember how I discovered these books but I'm so glad I did. The designs are absolutely stunning. I realise they may not be to everyone's taste but I am a HUGE fan. I am so enjoying reading these books and would love to make everything in them but think I will have to wait until I've developed my skills a bit more. Some of the designs look quite challenging but well worth the effort.

Here is the first pattern I've attempted.....

This pattern for this piece is fairly straight forward. It works on the principle of using two long pieces of fabric that are sewn together to create a long rectangle with two short side seams for the bottom and one seam at the top to create a loop that you can tie anyway you want. The book provides a few pictures for inspiration but I had fun making up my own alternatives :)

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for pictures of me wearing the finished item. I didn't want to post a picture of myself posing in front of the mirror so I'm waiting until a friend can help me out :)

Until then, here's a sneak peek at the jersey fabric I used for the pattern. 

Sewing plans for July.....

I shall definitely be continuing to work my way through the Pattern magic books. I've also just bought myself the Madeleine skirt pattern from Victory Patterns. For this I need to buy some more denim fabric.

I also have to use this lovely lot of fabric.........

I'm thinking of using the floral fabric (a bargain find at a local fabric stash sale) for a pattern I found on the Kollabora website. It's called the Lobelia tee, which you can find here

The bumble bee fabric was purchased to make the Sophia top from Simple Sew's Sophia 2 in 1 pattern. I was going to make the whole outfit for a christening but unfortunately, due to feeling pants, I haven't been able to. 


Definitely going to have a go at this though. I had bought some denim fabric for the skirt but may end up making the whole thing in a totally different fabric altogether :) 

Right, I think it's time for a brew. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog :) 

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy week.

Until next time,

KnittyNora xx

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  1. I loved reading that! You are so talented and I am so pleased to read about your creative exploits :) xx