Thursday 12 April 2012

New items and some tasty homemade soup - yum!

Hi all!

Usually, when I begin a new project, I forage through my collection of craft books and search my favourite websites for ideas. Yesterday, however, I picked up my knitting needles and just started to knit. I've been thinking about creating some of my own 'patterns' for a while but something came over me yesterday and I just had to knit. And what did I create...? Have a look for yourself!

Grey rib wristband with brown button detail
Left to right: multi-colour diagonal rib with brown button detail,  black knit with rib edge and large blue/grey button and  grey rib with brown button detail

Three new designs from All you need is craft

The buttons used were found at a local vintage and antique sale I went to last weekend. I love finding cute things like this at vintage fairs. I'm planning a trip to another vintage fair this weekend.

As my post title suggests, I've also been busy making soup. I love nothing more than going to my fridge, looking for as many tasty ingredients as I can find and making whatever pops into my head. I call it guerilla cooking :) Yesterday, I made some delicious spicy carrot and lentil soup - thanks in part to a special offer on carrots at my local supermarket! :)

Soup simmering nicely


All this talk of food is making me hungry! I'm off to enjoy a bowl of soup......

KnittyNora xxxx

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