Monday 29 October 2012

Happy half-term!

After a very long and busy half-term, I'm glad to say the half-term holiday is here. I love my job but I also need a little rest once in a while :)

Making the most of this time off is so important. Hope of a little trip to Wales is now off the cards thanks to the poor weather so I'm making the most of the beautiful hills on my doorstep and taking every opportunity to get out during breaks in the weather.

Here are a few pics of my scrambling trip on Saturday....unfortunately my camera died after the first couple of pictures.... :(

Up at 7am this morning and making the most of this early start to catch up on my blog, facebook page and making plans...

Thanks to the Cath Kidston booklet I came across recently I now have a new jewellery project to work on. Stay posted for pictures :)

Lots of love,

KnittyNora xx

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