Monday 12 November 2012

Hello....remember me?

Well hello there, my lovely followers....

.....I am back! :)

With the beginning of a new half-term and various outings to the climbing wall, I've been super busy. I have some not so good news.......I badly sprained my ankle on Saturday. I fell from a climbing wall and spent my Saturday evening in casualty. I was so relieved when they told me it wasn't broken. That would not have been good.

So, this gives me a good excuse to rest my poor ankle when I'm not at work. Perfect for making and creating!

I made (with the help of my lovely friend 'S') a beautiful bag last week. I've been meaning to sort out the sewing machine I was given by my mum-in-law for ages. I thought that I was just being silly but after comparing it with with friend's machine I realised that a) I can sew(!) and b) older machines can be a bit fiddly.

Thanks to S I managed to finish a project I'd had in mind for a while. It was lovely to sit and natter with a glass of wine and a tasty bowl of spicy bacon and lentil soup (homemade by S) whilst dreaming up lots of lovely projects.

Here is a photo of my bag.......

and also the necklace I managed to complete whilst resting my foot and watching my friends climb.........

Nice little close up :)

I'm still busy making my lovely jumper. Not quite finished the front panel yet but hoping to make some progress with that this week whilst the husband is out playing mountain goat.

Stay tuned for some more of my creations and some beautiful outdoor pics :)

KnittyNora xxx

p.s. here's a little peek at the tasty gluten free flapjack I made last week.....nom!

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